Pittsburgh Student Activist Coalition


The Pittsburgh Student Activist Coalition is an intersectional youth-led activist group, independent from TRCF (although it does involve some youth from Teens for Change) that works to centralize a largely marginalized youth voice and agenda. The mission of the Pittsburgh Student Activist Coalition is to unite to create a network for youth activism, provide a platform to access decision makers, and to effect social, political, and educational change. 

Youth from the coalition come from different social change perspectives and work together to strengthen each other’s activist work. Examples include youth-led groups that focus on police accountability, philanthropy, and anti-racist work. There are queer youth performing arts representatives, black student unions, feminist student unions, student government, etc. Rather than forming a new program or group the coalition serves to strengthen and spread awareness of individual group’s activism and social change to other youth in Pittsburgh to grow their collective organizing base. Students then use that base to support each other in advocating for an intersectional youth agenda with decision makers in their community.

Interested in being a part of this coalition? You can fill out the interest form or email us at studentactivistcoalition@gmail.com.


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