Webmaster needed for TRCF

Important Notice

The Three Rivers Community Foundation seeks to bring on a volunteer member of our team with website development knowledge and experience. As a small nonprofit, our foundation lacks the capacity to maintain our website on our own.

If TRCF is to continue to reach and serve our constituency we must secure the assistance of a person who can post periodic updates and make appropriate improvements to our site.

Therefore, our Foundation is seeking a person with considerable web development and maintenance knowledge to serve, in a voluntary capacity for at least one year, as webmaster.  The time commitment for this vital project would be small, and securing our website would likely be a simple project for an expert, but our small staff lacks the expertise to take on this role and our limited budget precludes us from hiring a webmaster at this time.

We invite any reader of this message who has the expertise and willingness to undertake the important role of volunteer webmaster for the Three Rivers Community Foundation to contact Executive Director Nick Palazzetti at 412-965-1800, or 412-243-9250, or by e-mail at npalazzetti@threeriverscommunity.org.