TRCF Youth Ambassador Summer Program application now available!

Change the lives of local youth.
Make a difference in your community.

Youth Ambassadors participate in four half-day training sessions that deepen their knowledge of social, economic and racial injustice while exposing them to the work already being done in their communities to achieve social change and providing opportunities for them to the participate in this work. The program focuses on the inequalities and injustices facing youth and how young people can be empowered to break them down.

Youth Ambassadors will also learn to lead fun, interactive workshops for youth in Grades 4-6 (ages 9-12). Three to five Youth Ambassadors will be assigned to a summer camp at either the Homewood Renaissance Association, YMCA Oakland, or YMCA Hill District and will lead a series of three workshops that focus on diversity, respect for others, nonviolence, and accepting ourselves as unique individuals. Through their work with the younger students, Youth Ambassadors will develop important leadership skills, such as planning meetings, public speaking, organizing workshops, and group decision-making. 

You can find the YAPApplication2014 here or under the Youth Programs tab. You can also nominate a youth that would be interested in participating or receiving more information about being a Youth Ambassador.