TRCF announces 2015 Grantees

Three Rivers Community Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s grantee organizations. The Foundation’s Grantmaking Committee awards a total of $40,000 annually to community-based groups in Southwestern Pennsylvania that exemplify TRCF’s philosophy of Change, not charity™. Grantees work to affect change in one or more of TRCF’s issue areas: Disability Rights; Economic Justice; Environmental Justice; LGBTQ Rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning); Racial Justice; and Women’s Rights. TRCF works to:

  • Fund activism among people and groups who might otherwise not have their voices heard.
  • Focus on groups that may not be able to attract support from sources because they are too small, too new, or too controversial.
  • Help to develop new leadership in the region along with deeper and broader participation in the democratic process by all citizens.
  • Offer technical assistance and networking opportunities to grassroots groups through grantwriting workshops and outreach.

Please join us in celebrating the 2015 TRCF grantees and the important work they’ve done in the local community.


Action United

$4,000 – Action United is an organization that brings low and moderate-income families in Pittsburgh together to become educated about current issues, more proficient at using civic engagement strategies, and ultimately to become effective advocates for their own public policy and practice needs. Their current project is to address the School to Prison Pipeline by advocating for Pittsburgh Public Schools to adopt restorative justice practices in regards to discipline, and many other policies.

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee

$4,000 – The Beaver County Source Water Protection Coalition encourages local communities to protect their water by using Pennsylvania DEP resources to create or update their own Source Water Assessment and Protection Program. The grant funded a half-day conference and follow-up networking, in addition to ongoing outreach and education campaigns.


$4,000 – TRCF funds supported CeaseFirePA’s on-the-ground  presence in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.  They provide outreach and education to individuals and groups to better engage them in gun violence prevention efforts.


Equality Pennsylvania Education Fund

$4,000 – TRCF funds supported the field organizing program, which educates the general public about LGBTQ discrimination in order to gain support for an inclusive statewide nondiscrimination law. Encompassed in this program are the Campaign for Fairness, which identifies supportive businesses, and the Gay and Transgender Storytelling Project, which videotapes LGBTQ-identified individuals telling their stories and encouraging others to use their voting power for equality.

Mama Africas Green Scouts

$4,000 – MAGS is a grassroots organization that is creating a community garden in Homewood (a food desert) to teach youth of African descent about urban farming, food justice, environmental justice, African culture, leadership skills, and community development.

Real Talk Performers

$4,000 – The RTP is an educational drama group of teens and youth in Washington County that address topics of social justice by creating and performing original dramas to educate teens and adults. This year’s grant is to support the youth created, directed, and performed plays, Alphabet Soup – LGBTQAI Redux, Fifty Shades of Social Justice, and Ally!


Society for Cultural Exchange

$4,000 – The Land Art Generator Initiative introduces youth to skills that will help them excel in the emerging solar and wind energy economies. 30 Homewood youth will participate in an Art+Energy Summer Camp, where they will work together to create a public art project that utilizes solar panels and generates renewable energy for Homewood.

Sustainability Pioneers

$4,000 – The “My Climate Future” youth video project asks students what their thoughts and feelings are about the current state of climate change. Students were taught about climate justice, video shooting, research, script writing, editing, and more, and now are editing their own stories.  A teacher professional development workshop will follow, including the production of a guide for teachers to implement the program in their schools.

Washington County Gay Straight Alliance

$4,000 – The WCGSA will conduct research into pre-existing course curricula for first-responders that address LGBTQ individuals’ needs. Using this, they will develop a training course, including a new curricula, and host community and hospital trainings to better educate first responders and medical personnel on creating safe and respectful treatment for LGBTQ-identified individuals.

Women for a Healthy Environment

$4,000 – WHE’s public workshops and community presentations raise awareness about chemicals found in everyday products, offer solutions for healthier food choices, and provide recommendations and instructions for making safer products and healthier homes. Funds implemented the Train the Trainer project, which allows WHE to reach and impact a much larger audience. Recruitment for trainers will be conducted in traditionally underserved neighborhoods, including East Liberty, the Hill District, Hazelwood, and Lincoln/Larimer.

In its 25 years of grantmaking, TRCF has awarded 537 grants to over 300 different organizations, giving away more than $1,150,000 for Change, not charity™.