Racial Justice Organizing Grants Available

Three Rivers Community Foundation (TRCF) advances social change through grantmaking, advocacy, and capacity development for grantee organizations.  TRCF embraces and practices Change, not charity™ by empowering grantee organizations to ensure social, economic, and environmental justice in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

TRCF is releasing funds to support local initiatives or projects being organized around racial justice and Black Lives Matter.  This includes all aspects of racial justice, from environmental racism to LGBTQ rights to voting barriers to police/justice system reform.

Grants will be made in amounts of $1,000 or less.  Requests must be received via email by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 7, 2020.  Up to ten grants will be made.

Strong preference will be given to organizations and projects that:

  • Are led by People of Color;
  • Local organizations/coalitions/collaboratives/collectives/working groups (local: 10 counties of Southwestern Pennsylvania);
  • Grassroots organizations with operating budgets under $250,000;
  • Projects developing new, grassroots leadership, with strong components of community organizing, community education, problem identification and solving, and community building;
  • Youth-led projects and those promoting youth activism; and/or
  • Projects addressing emerging or cutting-edge issues and using new approaches to problem solving.

TRCF will not consider:

  • Individuals; businesses; private interest; or profit-making groups; including social enterprises;
  • Projects that are purely providing direct services to people (social service);
  • Art/film exhibits that do not include a means for the audience to discuss the social change related issue(s) the work presents, or some other form of action beyond just the exhibit/performance;
  • Organizations whose primary events, work, or programs are held in locations either completely or partially inaccessible to people with disabilities; or
  • Projects that proselytize for any specific religion (i.e., passing out religious literature to participants in the program for which funding is being requested).


To download the grant form: Racial Justice Organizing Grant Application.