Grantmaker of the Month – April 2012

Grantmaker of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize the grantmakers throughout Western Pennsylvania that provide much-needed grants to small non-profits and grassroots organizations as they work to promote social justice and change. Each month will recognize one of these organizations as  Grantmaker of the Month.

The Poise Foundation

Grantmaker of the Month,  April 2012

Mr. Jones, the founder of the POISE Foundation, was raised in the Hill District and knew of the personal challenges that young teenagers, especially young males, faced on a daily basis. One could say the basis for the Poise Foundation was started when Mr. Jones reached out to these young men. He wanted to instill a sense of pride and a strong appreciation for work ethic within these men. He planned to do so by establishing an Explorer Scout post.

Eventually, the post grew, more men joined, and Mr. Jones encouraged them to be hard-working men who took pride in everything that they did.  Mr. Jones had started to make quite an impact on the young men in the community.

In December 1980, the POISE Foundation was incorporated in PA as a public charitable foundation with Mr. Jones as its President and two of his former Explorer Scouts would serve as his trustees.

Since its start, the POISE Foundation has grown from an initial capitalization of $164K to a present value in excess of $4.5 million. The foundation has nurtured numerous grants within the city that have been provided to organizations fostering conditions in six areas: Aging, Arts and Culture, Children and Youth, Education, Health, and Human Services.

Currently, the POISE foundation is developing a new grantmaking strategy. Their vision is to strengthen Black communities and families by building communities that can be sustained entirely by the community. They are currently working on developing a strategy to reach their new vision. After that they will be focusing on implementation plans.

“We must build our institutions for our children’s children”-Bernard J. Jones, Sr.

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