Grantmaker of the Month – July 2011

Grantmaker of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize the grantmakers throughout Western Pennsylvania that provide much-needed grants to small non-profits and grassroots organizations as they work to promote social justice and change. Each month will recognize one of these organizations as  Grantmaker of the Month.

FISA Foundation

Grantmaker of the Month, July 2011

The mission of the FISA Foundation is to foster a culture of respect and improve the quality of life for women, girls and persons with disabilities in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The FISA fondation fights to change the societal attitudes, beliefs, policies, and practices that are the root of the challenges that women, girls and people with disabilities face.  FISA works to achieve long term social change through investment at the community level with a focus on innovation and advocacy.

FISA is a lead sponsor of STANDING FIRM: The Business Case to End Partner Violence, an effort to make partner abuse a work place issue by highlighting the effects that is has worker health and productivity effects.  FISA along with others started the initiative in recognition of the fact that much of the conversation on the issue of partner violence is focused on the victim and their action rather than the societal shortcomings that allows it to go on.   STANDING FIRM works to motivate regional employers to appreciate the effect of partner violence on the bottom line and to have an adequate response system including raising employee awareness and training supervisors and security to intervene effectively.

Additionally, in light of the fact that there is very little to address batterers and sexual offenders themselves FISA commissioned a report “The Effectiveness of Batterer Intervention Programs” conducted by Drs. Patricia Cluss and Alina Bodea at the University of Pittsburgh.  The report revealed that widely administered treatments are at best only moderately effective.   FISA is using these findings to initiate discussion on the issue and address how to tackle this problem.

For more information on FISA and a complete list of their grantees, visit the WGF website, at

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