Grantmaker of the Month – February 2012

Grantmaker of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize the grantmakers throughout Western Pennsylvania that provide much-needed grants to small non-profits and grassroots organizations as they work to promote social justice and change. Each month will recognize one of these organizations as  Grantmaker of the Month.

Oak Foundation

Grantmaker of the Month – February 2012

The Oak Foundation is a group of charitable and philanthropic organizations based out of Geneva, Switzerland. The foundation’s mission is committed to addressing issues of global, social and environmental concerns that impact the lives of the disadvantaged. Since its start in 1998, Oak Foundation has awarded over 2,100 grants to nonprofit organizations around the world. Although based out of Geneva, the foundation has expanded its presence to seven other countries: United States, Belize, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ethiopia, the UK, and Zimbabwe.

On a more local note, the Oak Foundation has recently awarded a grant to the Columbus, Ohio based National Association for the Education of the African American Children with Learning Disabilities (AACLD) to conduct advocacy training for African American parent leaders in 20 locations throughout the United States. AACLD was started in 2000 by a mother and her two sons to increase awareness in African American communities nationwide about learning differences and promoting parent advocacy.

The AACLD project, *Empowering Parents for African American Student Achievement*, main objective is to fully develop the organization’s Parent Leadership Institute by increasing the number of individuals who demonstrate leadership ability and are committed to bettering the lives of children who are misunderstood, mislabeled and underrepresented in the fight for educational rights and are willing to train other parents to be effective advocates.

The Oak Foundation grant will fund activities to increase access to tools and resources; educate communities about the culturally sensitive issues facing minority students with learning differences; and support parents in their efforts to achieve the desired educational outcomes for their children.

For the project, AACLD has partnered with Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD) and Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER Center) to develop an efficient and effective service delivery model.

As a result of this joint project, 20 African American master teachers will gain expertise and skill to prepare children for educational success, 900 African American parent leaders will receive the teacher training via face-to-face sessions, and another 240 African American parent leaders will receive the teacher training via online sessions. Pennsylvania is listed as one of the states initially targeted to conduct trainings.


Visit for more information on the Oak Foundation.

Visit for more information on AACLD and their project, *Empowering Parents for African American Student Achievement.*”Like” their Facebook or visit their page to learn more about the organization.

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