Youth Media Advocacy Project

ORGANIZATION: Youth Media Advocacy Project

CONTACT NAME/TITLE:      Heather Harr, Dr. Jennifer Snyder-Duch, Dr. Jim Kelly – Co-Directors

ADDRESS:     c/o Dr Jennifer Snyder-Duch , Carlow University, 3333 Fifth Ave, Pgh 15213

CITY:  Pittsburgh                                                  STATE:      PA                                    ZIP:   15213

PHONE:H 412-421-0661;Jen 578-6347  EMAIL:;



Mission of the Organization: Youth learn to use the media to advocate for change, especially in education.   A goal is to improve the presentation of youth in the media.


Social Justice Issue Area that your organization works in:

___Peace and Human Rights                          ___ LGBT rights

                  __x_Woman, Youth, and Families      ___Racial Justice      ___Environmental Justice

___ Economic Justice                     ___ Disability Rights

__x_Other       Media Justice; Education Reform



Two projects that we have in mind are listed below (50 words max):

1.  Students will create a media strategy and media such as billboards, radio ads, video, to advocate for change they want to see in education.


The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are _One class  or group of students_____.