The Conscience Group

ORGANIZATION:    The Conscience Group Corporation

CONTACT NAME/TITLE:        David Adams/ Marie Blair

ADDRESS:     119 White Pine Place

CITY:  Pittsburgh                                                  STATE:     PA                                    ZIP:  15221

PHONE: (412) 241-4140                                      EMAIL:

WEBSITE:  Conscience Group Inc. Corporate Description 

Mission of the Organization: To develop “Citizen-based,” solutions to everyday societal problems negatively affecting the lives of American citizens.

Social Justice Issue Area:   ___Peace and Human Rights   ___ LGBT rights

___Woman, Youth, and Families      ___Racial Justice      ___Environmental Justice

___ Economic Justice                     ___ Disability Rights          Other:             Illicit Drug Importation and Distribution

A Project that we have in mind is listed below:

The student project will instruct and provide opportunities to establish effective Policy and Legislation for what The Conscience Group Corporation identifies as the three (3) highest “Living Threats” to Southwestern Pennsylvania Citizens, which are:

1.     The current economy,

2.    Illicit Drug Importation and Distribution

3.     Reentry Barriers (to those with criminal records)

Students will have the opportunity to work on progressive Citizen-Based, Illicit Drug-Crime Prevention Strategies by gaining experience training in effective Neighborhood Illicit Drug-Crime(s) Assessments and in assisting in a state Reentry Awareness Campaign and a major Policy exercise assisting in the development of Pennsylvania’s first, Certificate of Rehabilitation.  It is our goal to team Students with Senator Jay Costa’s research team and other State Political Representatives to start the visionary draft, with the goal of having it passed through the House and Senate to make stronger reentry policies and strategies in the state of Pennsylvania.

The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are:       Unlimited.