Solidarity in the City

ORGANIZATION: Solidarity in the City


ADDRESS:     —-

CITY:  Pgh                                                            STATE:         PA                                ZIP:

PHONE: 412-304-3316                                        EMAIL:        


Social Justice Issue Area:   ___Peace and Human Rights   ___ LGBT rights

___Woman, Youth, and Families      ___Racial Justice      ___Environmental Justice

___ Economic Justice                     ___ Disability Rights                ___Other



Two projects that we have in mind are listed below (50 words max):

1. Solidarity in the City is an organization that works with high school

aged youth in creating murals about peace/non violence. By partnering

with us you will have the opportunity to participate in 3 or 4

community events. At these events we will be creating murals and

engaging with community members. This service project will conclude

with a large scale event in May or June 2012 that you will have the

opportunity to help plan and execute. You will have the opportunity to

help us organize artists and musical groups to perform at the event,

the opportunity to recruit other high school aged students to create

murals, and to assemble a list of local organizations that would be

willing to display the student art.


The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are ___40____.