Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective

ORGANIZATION: Shadbush Environmental Justice Collective  

CONTACT NAME/TITLE:                 Jean Marie Pearce

ADDRESS:     272 38th St

CITY:  Pittsburgh                                            STATE:          PA                               ZIP:         15201

PHONE: 412-608-5678                                        EMAIL:



Mission of the Organization:We work to confront the root causes of ecological destruction, climate change and social oppression. We are currently involved in grassroots organizing and Do It Yourself media projects that support Marcellus Shale Drilling Resistance.

Social Justice Issue Area that your organization works in: 

___Peace and Human Rights                          ___ LGBT rights

                  ___Woman, Youth, and Families      ___Racial Justice      __x_Environmental Justice

___ Economic Justice                     ___ Disability Rights                ___Other

Two projects that we have in mind are listed below:

1. Interview residents in South Western Pennsylvania about their experience with Hydrofracking the Marcellus Shale Region produce short video piece about residence experiences.

2. Art As Activism Project! Create a public art piece that talks about Marcellus Shale issues that can be displayed at schools or community spaces.


The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are ____10___.