Penn State Extension

ORGANIZATION: Penn State Extension

CONTACT NAME/TITLE: Brack  Barr -4-H Extension Educator

ADDRESS: 400 North Lexington Street—3rd Floor  

CITY: Pittsburgh                                                   STATE: PA.                                       ZIP:15208-2521

PHONE: 412-473-2540                                        EMAIL:



Mission of the Organization: Positive youth and community development


Social Justice Issue Area that your organization works in:

_x__Peace and Human Rights                        ___ LGBT rights

                  _x__Woman, Youth, and Families      _x__Racial Justice      _x__Environmental Justice

___ Economic Justice                     ___ Disability Rights                ___Other



Two projects that we have in mind are listed below (50 words max):

1.Creating a digital map to show locations of  activities that are planned to address the above issues.

2.Help plan and carry out activities to address various issues.

The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are  20 students, at a time , to  use GPS units and create digital maps._______.