Homeless Children’s Education Fund

ORGANIZATION: Homeless Children’s Education Fund

CONTACT NAME/TITLE:                Susy Robison, Manager of Outreach and Volunteer Services

ADDRESS:     2100 Smallman St                

CITY:  Pittsburgh                                                  STATE:             PA                            ZIP:  15222

PHONE: 412-562-0154                                           EMAIL:         srobison@homelessfund.org

WEBSITE:  www.homelessfund.org




Mission of the Organization: Ensuring that homeless children have access to the same educational opportunities and experiences as their peers


Social Justice Issue Area that your organization works in:

__X_Peace and Human Rights                       ___ LGBT rights

                  _X__Racial Justice      ___Environmental Justice

__X_ Economic Justice                  ___ Disability Rights                ___Other



Two projects that we have in mind are listed below (50 words max):

1. Social action event on campus such as the Purposeful Gathering , a performance art installation designed to raise awareness about the plight and promise of children experiencing homelessness.

2. Advocacy event on campus or in the community to advocate for the reauthorization of the McKinney-Vento Act which provides for the needs of the children experiencing homelessness. This can be a letter or email campaign using films or public presentations.

The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are __8_____.