GTECH Strategies


CONTACT NAME/TITLE:   Claire Miziolek, Education + Outreach Programs Manager

ADDRESS:     6587 Hamilton Ave

CITY:  Pittsburgh                                                  STATE:    PA                                     ZIP: 15206

PHONE: 412-361-2099 x5#                                 EMAIL:




Two projects that we have in mind are listed below (50 words max):

1. Vacant land clean-up/preparation for a community project.  With May as the end date, it will be challenging to plant a vacant lot in this time frame, however the initial clean-up, prep, and possibly planting of a vacant lot could be done for a GTECH sunflower or other greening project.

2. Public education about environmental and environmental justice issues.  The group could host a community meeting, inform their classmates at school, or find a creative way to inform the public about how to live sustainably and what actions they can take to get involved (i.e. petitions, etc).

The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are _20 (15 preferred)______.