Millvale Community Library

ORGANIZATION: Millvale Community Library

CONTACT NAME/TITLE:             Dr. Don Lee, Board Member

ADDRESS:     902 Hansen Street                             

CITY:  Pittsburgh                      STATE:              PA           ZIP:       15209

PHONE: 412.977.7672

EMAIL: (Don Lee)    and  (Millvale Library direct)


Mission of the Organization: The Millvale Community Library is dedicated to establishing the community involvement, financial support, and environment of learning to realize a public library space in Millvale. Our direction is driven by community needs, and we especially recognize our responsibility to serve our children, as a place to discover new ideas, read, and become informed.

Social Justice Issue Area that your organization works in: 

___Peace and Human Rights                          ___ LGBT rights

                  __X_Woman, Youth, and Families      ___Racial Justice      _X__Environmental Justice

_X__ Economic Justice                  ___ Disability Rights                ___Other

Two projects that we have in mind are listed below:

1.  You will compile all current library photos and take more pictures and video of the project in action. Then create a digital presentation of the project to date, as well as a promotional video with the goal of  enticing local foundations and donors to help us finish the library construction.

2. Create a promotional video with the goal of engaging Millvale youth in the project.  Help us capture the voice of local young people to help us craft what type of programs we will run once open.

The maximum number of students that can work on these projects are __10_____.