Happy Father’s Day!

Today we celebrate dads.

Dads throughout history and across the globe have dedicated their lives to making a better world for their children. When Sonora Smart Dodd first asked for a day to celebrate fathers in 1909, she wanted everyone to recognize the thoughtful and compassionate commitments that men like her own father, who raised Sonora and her 5 brothers as a single parent after his wife died, make everyday. From a social justice perspective, Father’s Day serves as a reminder that the struggle for human rights is everyone’s struggle. Equality is a concern not just for women and minorities but for all of us.

This year on Father’s Day, Three Rivers Community Foundation would like to highlight the Philly Dudes Collective, an organization of men who are working “to create safe spaces for open, critical, and honest discussion on the subject of masculinity, particularly in the context of privilege and oppression.”

“We work to build analysis toward dismantling male supremacy and cultivating positive
among men. We do not seek to create a consensus of ideas, but rather to foster
dialogue. We want to
acknowledge that patriarchy hurts men in ways that we often cannot
put in words, but we want to
emphasize that in struggling to reshape masculinity, it is
essential for men to be constantly aware of
our privilege and remain accountable to those
[whose] lives our privilege affects.” –

The Philly Dudes Collective hosts open community discussions and all-male workshops in which men can come together to talk about sexism and gender issues. The men are encouraged to speak up when they witness sexist behavior.

“Learning to communicate with men about a variety of subjects and practicing talking to men about sexual assault… it just does not happen,” explained Cary Miller, one of the group’s founders, in an interview with The Nor’easter. “The more practice men get talking about that stuff in a safe space, the more comfortable they’re going to feel talking about it outside of that space.”