2020 Grantees

2020 Annual Grant Cycle

Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh
BCP is dedicated to providing Pittsburgh area writers, artists, and actors an opportunity to create experimental collaborative work. They plan to bring people together for workshops on how to engage social justice passions via writing, including leaving with a solid piece of writing that can be sent to a policymaker.

Communitopia’s mission is to slow climate change and create healthier communities. Funds supported a new Youth Educator, and transferred their workshop content to a webinar platform, to continue reaching students interested in environmental justice (who then plan their own actions).

Film Pittsburgh
Film Pittsburgh used their grant to roll their existing ReelAbilities Film Festival (which features films made by and for people with disabilities) into the returning Three Rivers Film Festival, to expand the audience seeing the films.

Inside Our Minds
Inside Our Minds is a peer-controlled radical mental health collective. They host events such as trainings, mental health cafes, and Anonymous Open Mic, and publish a zine called Yinz Mad? Their events are centered around people with lived experience.

Just Harvest Education Fund
Just Harvest Education Fund has worked since 1986 to educate the community about the links between hunger and public policy and to give people the tools needed to take action against hunger. This year, they received general operating support to back up their advocacy campaigns.

Larimer Consensus Group
The Larimer Consensus Group is planning the MiniWIN Dialogues, which will consist of a mini-Winnebago going around the Larimer neighborhood to invite conversations on land use, gentrification, food justice, and environmental justice. Kids’ activities and information on the local community garden will also be available.

Pittsburghers for Public Transit
Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots organization of transit riders, workers, and residents who keep the public in mass transit by mobilizing communities to advocate for equitable, affordable, and sustainable transportation systems. They have expanded to include affordable housing as one of their concerns, as gentrification frequently pushes people outside of transit corridors.

Put People First! PA
Put People First – PA is a state-wide organization for and led by poor and working-class people who believe that our basic needs are our human rights. The Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign aims to gain quality, comprehensive, and free at the point of service healthcare for all in PA.

River Wise
RiverWise is creating a regional identity around rivers in Beaver County. The Global Green Design Challenge seeks public art projects that focus on sustainability. They will host community values discovery sessions. Funding went toward a videographer to capture the entire process.

Take Action Mon Valley
Take Action Mon Valley-TAMV addresses all forms of community violence through activism and organizing. Working through local chapters, TAMV addresses community complaints, youth issues and organizing, local government accountability, and creates trainings and action plans.

Transforming the Health of African American Women (T.H.A.W.), Inc.
THAW, Inc’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for African American women and the communities they live in. Funds will operate the Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar Health Assessment Project to develop effective, culturally-specific programs and initiatives.

Voice of Westmoreland
Voice of Westmoreland is a grassroots, people-powered organization working to make Westmoreland County a better place to live for all. They focus on issues that are important to residents of Westmoreland County: healthcare, clean air and water, living wages, racial justice, education, and fair government. Grant funds launched a capacity building and leadership development program in Arnold and New Kensington. The two goals of the program are to hold elected leaders accountable to issues that impact Black residents, and to create an intergenerational cohort between Black community leaders and youth activists.

VotePA Education Fund
VotePA Education Fund is a nonpartisan group that holds the belief that every American has the right to vote in free and equal elections, and has the right to have that vote counted accurately as cast. Grant funds went to inform voters of changes to voting procedures for 2020, and to recruit new pollworkers for the 2020 general election in November.

2020 Racial Justice Organizing Grantees

Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality
Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality was formed to educate allies in the grassroots community on issues surrounding intersectional identity, primarily race, gender, disability, and class. Their grant will cover the costs of teach-ins with ASL interpretation for allies about issues surrounding the Black community.

Sideline Racism
Sideline Racism was founded by students at Taylor Allderdice High School in June 2020 to eliminate racism in high school athletics. Teams, players, and coaches will be encouraged to make public statements denouncing racism, create posters about it, make announcements at games, and take disciplinary measures against players and spectators who commit racist acts. As teams complete these actions, they will get armbands to wear that say “Sideline Racism.”

Thomas Merton Center
Thomas Merton Center is using a Racial Justice Organizing grant to hire BIPOC facilitators for anti-racism workshops and trainings for their members and staff.

West End P.O.W.E.R.
West End POWER’s Criminal Justice Reform’s Powered Up Program will empower communities affected by over-incarceration by providing support to returning citizens and their families and advocating against structural discrimination of formerly incarcerated/returning citizens and the mass incarceration of people of color. The program provides returning citizens with support as they re-enter society, leadership development, educational opportunities, and advocacy training.