2013 Grantees

Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee
$4,000 – BCMAC used its grant to enhance its public awareness campaigns of the threats facing the Service Creek Watershed and the Ambridge Reservoir due to hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas. They circulated petitions, held a renewable energy fair, and encouraged residents to become advocates for clean water.

$4,000 – CeaseFirePA used its grant to support three projects: 1.) Where Did the Gun Come From? (where illegal guns used in crimes originated); 2.) Courtwatch (encouraging public testimony at sentencing hearings); and 3.) Advocacy Education (training members of the public in effective advocacy strategies and grassroots action).

Consumer Health Coalition
$4,000 – The CHC served as the coordinator of several service agencies in Western Pennsylvania, uniting them to encourage the state government to opt-in for the Medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act.

Global Solutions Pittsburgh
$4,000 – Global Solutions used its grant to support their monthly presentation series, Global Challenges and Local Impacts. This series covers topics such as environmental justice, war, poverty, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and more, delving into what’s going on around the globe and what can be done to combat injustice here at home.

Greene County Watershed Alliance
$3,000 – GCWA used its grant to implement the Progress and Coal Campaign. After baseline water quality data and review of longwall mining permits have been released, they will use this information to conduct public outreach campaigns and encourage citizen engagement.

Initiative for Transgender Leadership
$3,890 – ITL’s grant supported the creation of the Peer Mentorship Program. In this program, 6-10 trans* youth will mentor one another as they learn and practice mentoring skills, including communication, legal, wellness, and service/ philanthropy.

Mountain Watershed Association
$4,000 – MWA used its funds to host their second Grassroots Summit, to convene the many small, community-led organizations and community leaders who work for justice in the Marcellus Shale Fields.

The Persad Center
$4,000 – Persad used its grant to launch the Safe Schools Project, responding to the critical issue of LGBTQ youth bullying and suicide. The project focused on the root causes of bullying in an effort to prevent the continued victimization of youth.

The Real Talk Performers
$4,000 – RTP is an educational drama group of teens and youth in Washington County that addresses topics of social justice and creates original drama. Their grant funds will be used to support the 2013 production of “If You Only Knew Me,” a play examining issues around disability rights.

Western Pennsylvania Black Political Assembly
$4,000 – The WPA BPA used its grant to launch the Delegate Precinct Organizing Project. This developed a model for Black community organizing that recruited delegate members from predominantly Black wards in Allegheny County to develop, update, advocate, and fight for a social justice agenda.


Teens 4 Change Grantees 2013 

Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education 
$1,000- Funds went to their PRYSE Academy, a pilot three-week summer program designed and run by college students to help refugee youth build confidence and knowledge to succeed in school and beyond. 

E’Racism at Shaler Area High School
$1,000 – Their grant was to host a Celebration of Diversity conference in October 2013 where students in Allegheny County can come together to discuss issues of race, gender, ability, economic status, sexual orientation and more.

Educating Teens about HIV/AIDS, Inc.
$1,000- Funds were used to grow their Youth Board of Directors by having a formal board orientation/training for them and having funds to implement some of their new recommendations for projects.

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Pittsburgh
$1,000- Funds supported their Peer Advocates for Safe Schools (PASS) program, which trains participants in youth leadership and supports monthly meetings covering skill building and advocacy planning geared toward creating safe schools for all.

M-Powerment at Shaler Area High School 
$500 – Funds helped support three campaigns: Love is the Movement (raising awareness of depression and self-mutilation in teen girls), Praise Leis (promoting high self-esteem), and Self Defense Self Esteem (a confidence boost for young women).

Seeds of Hope
$500- Their grant was to assist in the production and distribution of “Our Way Home,” a student-produced documentary about nine veterans and their transition home after various wars, addressing issues of mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and economic justice.