Grantmaker of the Month: Women and Girl’s Foundation

Grantmaker of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize the grantmakers throughout Western Pennsylvania that provide much-needed grants to small non-profits and grassroots organizations as they work to promote social justice and change. Each month will recognize one of these organizations as  Grantmaker of the Month.

Women and Girl’s Foundation

Grantmaker of the Month, April 2011

The mission of the Women and Girl’s Foundation is to achieve equity for women and girls in the southwestern Pennsylvania region for generations to come. Through a combination of public advocacy, coalition building, and grantmaking, WGF strengthens and promotes womens’ rights in the region. With their strategic grantmaking, the organization has been able to address fundamental social inequalities and raise awareness among the media, voters, and corporate and non corporate decision makers. These inequities include the large gender gap in pay equality and the underrepresentation of women in local and state government.

Grants are given to organizations that are solution-driven and action-oriented. These organizations include Lydia’s Place, a nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh that helps female offenders and their children.  The organization had been trying for some time to improve the medical care of pregnant women incarcerated in local prisons. WGF was instrumental in connecting the organization to the media and this led to two front page stories in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about the shackling of pregnant inmates to their beds during labor. This generated pressure on the local sheriff to change this atavistic policy and remove the shackles.

Run Baby Run also received a grant from WGF to offer candidate training workshop to encourage women to run for political office. This led to a non-partisan coalition of women from diverse professional backgrounds providing strategic, technical, and fundraising support to women interested in running for the State House in Pennsylvania. WGF supports organizations that empower and inspire girls to learn entrepreneurial skills, provide educational activities, take a stand against violence, and promote women’s rights.

For more information on WGF and a complete list of their grantees, visit the WGF website, at