Join a Committee

Join a Committee

As a community-centered grantmaking foundation, Three Rivers Community Foundation conducts much of its work in several standing committees.  We are blessed to have the services of a very effective corps of dedicated volunteers and interns who staff each of these committees. We welcome your interest in joining our working committees. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please review our committee descriptions below and contact Anne Lynch or Nick Palazzetti at TRCF’s headquarters.

Overview of Committees

Board Development and Nominating Committee

Charge: Recruiting new talent to join the Board, and working within the Board to fill officer positions.

Responsibilities Include: Researching potential candidates for the Board; interviewing potential Board members; presenting candidates to Board; organizing new Board member orientations; working with Board members to fill officer and committee positions

Based on the needs of the board and TRCF’s working committees, identify, vet, and propose to the full board candidates for board membership, securing the resume and board application from each candidate.

Work with board members to secure from them prospective nominees for board membership

Building Social Change Committee

Charge: Increasing the public presence of TRCF and building a movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Responsibilities Include: Serve as a link to other foundations and capacity building groups; choosing events for TRCF to sponsor; work with Grantmaking Committee to host networking/skill building opportunities for grantees; attend events where TRCF should be represented; arrange speakers and presentations at Board meetings; convening groups that are too big for TRCF to fund with smaller ones; identify hot button issues and how TRCF can act on them; compose letters to the editors of newspapers regarding social change issues; work with Communications Committee to develop brochures and other promotional materials.

A college intern supports the work of this committee.

Advancement Committee

Charge: Increasing visibility and reputation of the Three Rivers Community Foundation as a foundation devoted to addressing issues of social justice in order to: 1) use communications to augment our grantmaking and advocate more effectively for the social change we seek to effect, and 2) attract more supporters, donors, and grant applicants.

Overseeing the raising of all funds necessary to run the Foundation and the endowments, and stewardship and cultivation of donors.

Responsibilities Include: Developing promotional materials (brochures, letters, etc.); developing newsletter; working with staff to design and print newsletter; managing website content dealing with public relations, marketing, and fundraising; writing press releases and getting them to media outlets; conducting interviews with media; designing advertisements; promoting TRCF throughout the region; assisting in planning and issuing press releases for the annual fundraising and awards event and other special events.

In concert with the Executive Director and Manager, Administrative Operations: Planning fundraising strategy for second TRCF endowment campaign and annual appeal to fund operating expenses and grantmaking activities; coordinating fundraising efforts and activities with marketing initiatives; conducting annual appeal (helping to compile the fundraising letter, planning annual appeal kick-off and letter signing session, conducting one-on one visits to major donors); helping to conduct endowment fundraising (identifying donor prospects, meeting with prospects and making asks); pursuing potential foundation and corporation support; providing fundraising articles for the TRCF newsletter; recruiting volunteers for the Advancement Committee; helping to organize donor stewardship and recognition events.

Finance Committee

Charge: Managing the organization’s assets.

Responsibilities Include: Reviewing the organization’s finances and financial reports; developing an investment policy for assets; reviewing the Foundation’s financial position and making recommendations related to the investment policy; working with the Treasurer to create budgets; presenting the proposed annual operating budget at the April board meeting; assisting with audit preparation and reviewing audit when complete; preparing financial documents for Board review; managing accounts; serving as intermediary between Board and investment manager(s)

Grantmaking Committee

Charge: Developing a recommended slate of grantees and grant amounts for Annual Grant awards and, throughout the course of the year, awarding Special Opportunity Grants. Committee work for the annual grants process is concentrated between February, when applications are received, and May, when a final slate is recommended to the Board. Generally, between 50 -75 grant applications are received. On average, the Grantmaking Committee meets 5 times (including one full day session) with committee members spending approximately 50 – 60 hours reviewing grants outside of meeting time.

Responsibilities Include: Organizing and hosting annual grant information session; reading, ranking, and recommending slate of annual grantees to Board; reviewing and awarding Special Opportunity Grants throughout the year; organizing and hosting grant awards event; organizing and hosting grantee networking events and skill building opportunities; promoting TRCF across the region.

Personnel Committee

Charge: Ensuring that the Foundation complies with all standard human relations procedures and protocols, and with IRS imposed regulations, such as those imposed b the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Mediating issues or disputes that may arise between staff members and/or between staff and board.

Responsibilities Include: Writing, reviewing, modifying, and implementing staff and personnel policies for the Foundation; performing evaluations of staff; setting staff salaries and benefits. Evaluating the performance of the Executive Director annually. In collaboration with the Finance Committee, reviewing staff compensation and considering adjustments thereto.


Special Events Subcommittee

Charge: Work in concert with the Executive Director and the Communications and Public Relations Committee (C & PR Committee) to ensure that the special events of the Foundation are properly advertised, well attended, smoothly operated, within budget, and effective.

Responsibilities Include: Planning, scheduling, promoting, and facilitating special events for public relations, donor recognition, mission promotion, volunteer acquisition events, “friendraising” events, and fundraising events. Interfacing with the C & PR Committee to coordinate and support the events. Envision and help to develop new, fresh events. Assist the staff in ensuring accurate and timely posting of special events on the TRCF website.

A college intern supports the work of this subcommittee.

Youth Leadership Development Subcommittee

Charge: Work with the Executive Director, the Building Social Change Committee (BSC Committee) to implement the Foundation’s youth leadership initiatives including: the Extreme Leadership Initiative, the Teens for Change Program (T4C Program), the Young Advocates Program, and the Youth Leading Change Program (YLC Program).

Responsibilities Include: Developing curricula for the youth programs, interfacing with school and youth group personnel to promote and recruit for the programs, developing mentoring opportunities for young people participating in the programs, evaluating the effectiveness of the programs and recommending and helping to implement continuous improvement, working with TRCF staff and interns to publicize the youth initiatives, attending planning meetings for the youth programs, and arranging special events to further the objectives of the Foundation’s youth leadership initiative.

A college intern supports the work of this subcommittee.