The TRCF Internship program was launched in January 2010 to inspire students and young professionals to become active promoters of social change in southwestern Pennsylvania. Internship positions at TRCF are designed as career stepping stones. Positions are “customizable” and are developed based on the candidate’s previous experience and career goals and the needs of the foundation.

Minimum Qualifications
Candidates must be a high school graduate. A candidate with basic knowledge of/experience with nonprofit organizations and grantmaking is desired. Candidates must be self-starters with the ability to work independently and in team environments.

Terms of the Internship
This position is a part-time (5-15 hours/week), semester-long (Fall, Spring, or Summer) internship. Interns may receive college credit for the internship.  Internships are unpaid.

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter expressing your internship interests and a copy of your current resume by e-mail to:

Current Internships Available (Click on the title to download a full description of the position)

Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing Internship
Maintain and update publicity resources and database; design, order and organize press and event materials; gather program information and metrics; research publicity and sponsorship opportunities; assist at special events; compose press releases, public service announcements, and/or news articles and submit them to appropriate media; develop promotional materials (brochures, letters, etc.); work with staff to design and print newsletter; prepare materials and notes for interviews with media; help to design advertisements; and perform other activities as appropriate.

Fund Development Internship
Raise funds needed to support the daily operations of the Foundation and special projects through grantwriting and friend-making, expand the grantmaking capacity of the Foundation by increasing the endowment and securing support for donor-advised funds, and increasing awareness of and participation in the grantmaking services and technical assistance activities of the Foundation

Oral History Internship
Assist in developing the list of individuals to be interviewed and filmed; contact these individuals to secure their participation; schedule interview times and locations; help to develop the scripts and participant releases for the interviews; and work in concert with the assigned TRCF Board member overseeing this project, and graduate student volunteers, in ensuring the timely and successful recording of all oral histories to be taken.

Outreach, Partnership, and Liaison Internship
Identify groups with which TRCF should collaborate to further the work of the groups and that of the foundation, update the TRCF database of constituent groups and social change organizations, assist in planning Regional Social Change Summits, establish relationships with key organizations in the region, and develop Young Ambassador Program

Research Internship
Evaluate and publish the outcomes of TRCF’s grants, researching giving clubs and societies that might support TRCF, research collaborative promotional fund development and “friendraising” opportunities for the Foundation, prepare reports on the results of the research performed, assist in the completion of the Oral History project, and complete Foundation Funding Research.

Special Events Internship
Assist staff, board, and committee members in developing and conducting successful special events, including:

  1. Social Change Summits
  2. Donor and grantee recognition events
  3. Annual Champions of Change Dinner and Awards
  4. “Friendraising” receptions
  5. RFP and Proposal Process trainings
  6. Promotions, such as Party for a Purpose, Ten Thousand Villages event, One Percent Wednesday, The Walk for Change, etc.
  7. Other events as may be developed or recommended.

Research other promotional opportunities; coordinate the activities and support the work of special events committees; write newsletter articles and press releases to secure media coverage of the Foundation’s special events; implement activities and events to help raise the funds necessary to operate the Foundation and grow its endowment; collaborate with staff and committee members in producing promotional materials for all special events.

Volunteer Development and Coordination Internship (Intern Fellow)
The nonprofit sector in the United States is becoming increasingly competitive.  During the past 15 years the number of nonprofit organizations in the country has increased more than 30%.  Corporate, foundation, and individual wealth during this time have grown at a significantly slower pace.  This proliferation of nonprofits in an environment of limited financial capacity has greatly increased competition for funding and has placed stress on organizational budgets for staffing.

The TRCF Volunteer Development and Coordination Internship is intended to address this problem by:

  1. Helping to develop a strong and effective volunteer and intern service program.
  2. Providing the support system that will enable the staff of the Foundation to focus a significant portion of their time and effort on administrative, fundraising, and grantmaking initiatives.
  3. Furthering the mission and the grantmaking, public relations and marketing, and fundraising capacities and success of the Foundation through delegation of important tasks to capable volunteers and interns, and the concomitant effective management of those tasks by the volunteers.

The Volunteer Development and Coordination Intern will:

  • Interface with federal and private volunteer organizations and institutions of higher education to secure volunteer and intern assistance for the Three Rivers Community Foundation.
  • Prospective sources of volunteers and interns include:
  • AmeriCorps/VISTA
  • RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
  • University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA)
    • CMU Federal Community Service Internship Program
    • CMU Volunteer Fair
    • CMU Masters in Professional Writing Program
    • Internship programs of Carlow, Chatham, Point Park, Robert Morris University, University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, regional campuses of Penn State University, and all colleges and universities in the outlying counties of TRCF’s service area
    • PittsburghCares (volunteer organization)
    • Boards by Design volunteer matching event
    • Publicize volunteer opportunities in appropriate publications and websites
    • Interview and recruit prospective volunteers and interns
    • Help to assign volunteers and interns to appropriate roles and responsibilities
    • In concert with staff, and based on the priorities and needs of the Foundation, develop a position description, slate of responsibilities, and time lines for activities and initiatives

This intern will also help to evaluate and report the intern and volunteer services and experience and perform other activities as appropriate.


Website and Search Engine Optimization Internship
This intern will develop content for TRCF’s interactive website and build and maintain search engine optimization of the TRCF website with the goals of:

  1. Expanding awareness of the Three Rivers Community Foundation throughout the 10-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania
  2. Significantly increasing “hits” to the TRCF website
  3. Driving visitors to the various pages of the new TRCF website.
  4. Increasing the public access to the Foundation, its grantmaking, and its technical support services
  5. Increasing on-line donations to the Foundation’s grantmaking endowment and operations
  6. Increasing volunteer service to TRCF and its grant recipients.


Writing Internship
Participate in writing publications, articles, reports, press releases and public service announcements, and funding proposals to foundations, and general correspondences.

Youth Empowerment Internship
This position supports the Foundation’s youth initiatives for social change and justice.  It is intended to educate young people in the issues of social injustice and the need for change, and to involve as many of them as possible in the processes of grantmaking, organizing for change, and fundraising for social change.   A brief description of the program components is printed below.

Teens 4 Change
Teens 4 Change (T4C) is an exciting year-long program for young people (ages 13 to 19) in southwestern Pennsylvania (beginning in Allegheny County as a pilot project during the first year). Through the experience of creating and running a grant-making program, YMC Board members learn a variety of skills including meeting planning and facilitation, outreach, public speaking, program planning, proposal evaluation, and group decision-making. The T4C program is being established to increase youth participation in philanthropy (grant-making and fundraising), support youth involvement in community change, and promote youth service and giving.

The T4C Board members learn about philanthropy as a tool to address issues and challenges directly affecting youth in Allegheny County. T4C Board members reach out to youth in the community and encourage them to plan projects and apply for funds to carry them out. Board members review proposed project ideas and make decisions as a group about which projects to support. The 2009-2010 T4C Board will distribute $5,000 in grants to the projects that they determine to have the greatest positive impact on youth in Allegheny County.

Young Ambassador Program (YAP)
The first step in inspiring change is raising broadly-based awareness about inequities and persistent issues of social injustice. While our grantees develop projects and are committed to outreach about these issues, as a community foundation we must build a framework of awareness to help ensure that those projects are more successful.  The YAP program staff and intern(s) will recruit and evaluate five young ambassadors to bring this six-part workshop curriculum (based on TRCF’s five key issue areas – Women, Youth, and Families; Disability Rights; Economic Justice; Environmental Justice; Racial Justice; and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues), along with a community organizing component, to schools and universities in southwestern Pennsylvania in a year-long initiative to raise awareness and engage youth. YAP will be launched in January 2011.

The Youth Activists for Social Change and Justice Intern will work with TRCF’s Internship Fellow(s) and the Executive Director to develop, promote, implement, maintain, and evaluate the youth component of TRCF’s programming and activities.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Recruiting participants in the YMC and YAP programs.
  2. Training the young participants.
  3. Developing materials and curricula for both programs.
  4. Liaising with the appropriate officials in the schools to ensure program success.
  5. Scheduling the events and activities of the programs.
  6. Maintaining service and activities data on both programs.
  7. Scheduling and attending the meetings and events of both programs.
  8. Working with the Public Relations and Marketing Intern and the Website Intern to publicize the programs and to develop and update the TRCF website’s Youth Making Change web page.
  9. Evaluating the programs (ongoing, formative evaluation, and end-of-year evaluation)
  10. In concert with the TRCF Young Women Creating Change (YWC2) Internship Fellow(s), making recommendations for changes and improvements to the program.