FISA Foundation: A Progressive Grantmaker in the Region

TRCF is proud to recognize the grantmakers throughout Western Pennsylvania that provide much-needed grants to small non-profits and grassroots organizations as they work to promote social justice and change.

FISA Foundation

FISA Foundation funds nonprofit organizations providing services to women, girls, and people with disabilities in the ten-county region of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The mission of the organization is to build a culture of respect and improve the quality of life for women, girls, and people with disabilities. During its long history, beginning with roots planted in the early 1900s, the organization’s focus on these populations has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of the community.

FISA Foundation has a number of beliefs that guide and inform the work of the organization.  Some of those beliefs include:

  1. The disparities affecting women, girls, and people with disabilities are the result of societal attitudes, beliefs, policies, and practices.
  2. Discrimination based on gender and ability overlaps with discrimination on race and socio-economic factors; therefore, the organization must be responsive to these interactions.
  3. The most effective way to create long-term change is to work at the community or societal level-focusing on innovation and advocacy.

FISA Foundation recognizes that comprehensive social change can take a great deal of time; therefore, the organization also invests in strengthening organizations and promoting best practices, as well as directly improving the lives of individuals.

For more information on FISA Foundation and its grantmaking guidelines and priorities, please visit their website.