Find Your Elected Official

You can easily find your State and National elected officials online:

For your representatives in the Pennsylvania Senate or House of Representatives, visit

For your representatives in the United States House of Representatives, visit

For your senators in the United States Senate, visit

To find your local officials, you can go to your city’s or county’s website and search from there.

County Websites in TRCF’s Service Area:
Armstrong County –
Allegheny County –
Beaver County –
Butler County –
Fayette County –
Greene County –
Indiana County –
Lawrence County –
Washington County –
Westmoreland County –

Major Cities in the Region:
Beaver (Beaver County) –
Butler (Butler County) –
Greensburg (Westmoreland County) –
Indiana (Indiana County) –
Kittanning (Armstrong County) – (private, non-governmental site)
New Castle (Lawrence County) –
Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) –
Uniontown (Fayette County) –
Washington (Washington County) –
Waynesburg (Greene County) –

Please be respectful at all times when communicating with your government representatives – yelling at them, or calling them names, or pointing out their faults will not help your cause.  It’s fine to disagree with them – in fact, it’s when you disagree with their positions that you most need to tell them that! – but please do so in a civil, respectful, and informative manner (explain why you disagree).

Very often, you will not get to speak to the representative personally, but their staff keep records (email, letters, and phone calls) of where constituents stand on issues and bills, and present those records to the representatives.

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