Grantee of the Month – November 2012

Grantee of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize our grantees throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania that promote social justice and change through their activities. Each month we will recognize one of these organizations as our Grantee of the Month.

Black Political Empowerment Project

The Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) is a community formed through collaboration, bringing together agency, organization, and religious leaders, as well as individuals. Beginning in 1986, B-PEP’s primary goal is to build political power and influence for the African American community. They have a few key methods of working towards this goal

1. advocating that African Americans register to vote and vote in every election

2. advocating that those in political office work efficiently to respond to the needs and goals of the African American population who they are elected to serve

3. reinforcing to the African American community the “connection” between  a consistent voting pattern from within the Black community and the realization of full political power

Creating Change

B-PEP is largely a volunteer organization, built on the dedication of people who donate time and energy working for their community. In addition to working for widespread African American participation in the voting process, B-PEP has worked on other projects like the Coalition Against Violence and the Regional Equity Monitoring Project (REMP), which works to bridge the gap between the experience of inequality and the steps necessary to improve institutional practices. They also partner with the Youth Media Justice Initiative, and with CCAC’s Young Adult Empowerment Program (YEAP).


In 2009, B-PEP used funds from TRCF to enhance their operational plan, allowing them to expand voter registration, education, advocacy, and election protection work, both independently and as part of larger coalitions. They also surveyed voters about their voting experience and their attitudes towards voting, and were sponsors or co-sponsors for candidate forums. They also used a Media Justice Initiative grant to implement a program focused on encouraging student analysis of news coverage.

You can visit B-PEP’s website here.

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