Grantee of the Month – November 2011

Grantee of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize our grantees throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania that promote social justice and change through their activities. Each month we will recognize one of these organizations as our Grantee of the Month

New Voices Pittsburgh

Grantee of the Month, November 2011

New Voices Pittsburgh aims to develop just that – new voices of leadership in the Pittsburgh metro area.  While they focus on serving women of color between ages 12 and 35, they believe we all have a right to make choices about body, gender, sexuality, work, and reproduction.  To that end, this grassroots organization, founded in 2004, engages women of color in the Reproductive Justice movement to educate on Human Rights issues.

So, you may be wondering of what this “Reproductive Justice” movement consists.  They highlight 5 main points in defining the purpose:

  1. A movement to ensure that all women have all choices about their body, sexuality, labor, and reproduction
  2. A human rights organization framework that weeks to ensure the fullest recognition of education and manifestation of our inalienable sexual, pregnancy, abortion, birthing, and parenting rights free from individual, family, and state-sanctioned violence.
  3. The affirmation of the intersection between identity and the undying pursuit to eradicate all forms of oppression
  4. The complete physical, emotional, spiritual, political, economic, environment, and social wellbeing of women and girls, which happens when women, families, and communities have the political power to make decisions for themselves
  5. A mechanism to transform the lives of all people recognizing that they cannot change the course of humanity without a revolutionary transformation of the human spirit

Through the respective educational program, New Voices Pittsburgh teaches about just those areas of concern.  Through this, they afford women of color an open perspective on body, gender, sexuality, reproduction, and work while fighting to maintain civil liberties in relation to these areas.

This educational program is one among their Strategies for Change.  New Voices Pittsburgh also fights for policy change campaigns advocating for reproductive justice at the local, stage and federal level, as well as for LGBTQ community-building to create safe, empowering community spaces and leadership opportunities for homosexual and transgender people of color.

Recent achievements include winning the 2011 YWCA Racial Justice Award for Community Engagement, leading the People of Color Working Group of Occupy Pittsburgh, and organizing women of color to defeat PA Senate Bill 732 in conjunction with the “We’ve Had Enough” Campaign.

Going on now is the New Voices Pittsburgh “My People: Queer Legacies” film series (click through for event details).  Every Tuesday during the month of November, starting at 7 PM, either a feature length movie or a compilation of short films will be shown at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, who has partnered with NVP on this project.  Titles include, among others: Rex and Singh, Zero Degrees of Separation, and Brother to Brother.

In tandem with the Center for Minority Health at the University of Pittsburgh, NVP will also help organize a conference in November 2011 concerning women of color and wellness with a view toward trauma recovery.

For more information about New Voices Pittsburgh and our upcoming events, please visit our website at, “Like” us on Facebook ( and “Follow” us on Twitter (

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