Grantee of the Month- March 2012

Grantee of the Month

TRCF is proud to recognize our grantees throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania that promote social justice and change through their activities. Each month we will recognize one of these organizations as our Grantee of the Month.

The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts

Grantee of the month, March 2012

The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts has made it their mission to encourage awareness, understanding, appreciation, and practice of the Arts & Humanities through visual, educational, and enrichment programming for all ages. What started out as a once quiet home to a wealthy and charitable family is now a regional arts center and museum that houses more than 50 arts classes and workshops, 24 annual exhibits, annual cultural festivals, and after-school programs.

Located in New Castle’s residential north hills, the estate, at one time, belonged to May Emma Hoyt, and is now known as Hoyt East. The rooms within the mansion have been transformed into galleries, classrooms, offices, and art studios.  The museum brings in more than 20,000 visitors each year with its extensive galleries and studios.

The Institute has continuously been improving their programs to better serve the community and help gain public interest. From exhibits such as the one from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2005 to an exclusive look at Robert Motherwell in his studio in 2009, the institute is always looking for something new that supports their mission.

The Hoyt Institute received a grant from TRCF in 2011 to reintroduce their After School Arts Program. The grant allowed for 4th-6th graders to further their education concerning “green arts” and how to create art using green materials such as found items, natural items, and recycled architecture. Some of the projects the grant helped to fund were a mosaic piece to be put on display at the Human Services Center, a mental and behavioral health treatment facility, and a Christmas tree made of completely recyclable materials.

We encourage you to take a trip out to New Castle to explore the Institute and check out their videos below.


Video of the children making the mosaic piece can be viewed here.

Video of the children making the recyclable Christmas tree can be viewed here.


To learn more about the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts and some of the programs they have, be sure to check out their website at or follow them on twitter.


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