Disability Rights Advocates: John Tague

By Megan Marmol

John Tague has been a disability advocate for almost 40 years and is passionate about accessible transportation. John is currently a member of the Port Authority Board of Allegheny County and Chair of the Pennsylvania Transportation Alliance.


How has the ADA impacted you personally and the work you do (professionally)?

It has had a profound effect on me both professionally and personally. This landmark civil rights legislation has made it possible for me to live independently and to become an active community leader.

What impact do you see the ADA has on your local community?

It had a tremendous impact my local community. The ADA by giving access to those who in the past haven’t been able to fully participate in community. People with disabilities enrich their community by adding more diversity.

What is one area you identify that still needs improvement?

There have been a great deal of improvements in physical access, but program access especially for individuals with intellectual disabilities has lagged behind.

What do you want people with and without disabilities to know about your work/organization?

That I bring a great deal of energy and experience to my work.

Give one all-encompassing statement that summarizes the evolution of the passage of the ADA (the past, present, and future).

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made it possible for many more individuals with disabilities to live independently in their community and not languish in institutions.