Our familiar slogan — Change, not charity — reflects both our mission and our optimism that by partnering with grassroots organizations that have adopted creative, sometimes non-traditional, approaches to the problems we all see, we can help to make our community a better, fairer, safer place to live and work. It’s another version of “Think globally, act locally.” As individuals, we may not be able to solve the problems of the world, but working together, we can—and do—effect profound change within our own region. 

Every year the Three Rivers Community Foundation must raise funds from hundreds of supporters to accomplish its mission and conduct its business.  Donations support our grantmaking, our social change efforts, and our office operations.  

Each gift — large or small — combined with gifts from others in the community, can make big things happen. Please join us as we work together toward a common vision for our region that embraces our differences as well as our strengths, and makes it more possible for everyone to enjoy the varied richness of life.

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