CeaseFirePA: A Progressive Grantee in the Region

TRCF is proud to recognize our grantees throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania that promote social justice and change through their activities.


As Pennsylvania’s leading gun violence prevention organization, CeaseFirePA is dedicated to reducing and preventing gun violence through education and advocacy in communities across the State. CeaseFirePA seeks enactment of sensible gun policies through grassroots activism; supports public officials who favor reforms that help reduce gun violence; and increases public awareness to spark the beginnings of a new conversation on guns and gun violence prevention in Pennsylvania.

CeaseFirePA is a network of communities, survivors, and citizens who are dedicated to taking a stand against gun violence. The organization believes it is time to take a stand against:

  1. Criminals who terrorize our communities with illegal guns;
  2. The gun lobby which holds their own political agenda in higher regard than public safety; and
  3. Politicians who lack the conviction to support commonsense reforms to reduce gun violence.

At CeaseFirePA, the first step to reducing gun violence is to begin a conversation about remedies to protect our neighborhoods. By uniting neighbors across communities and communities across the state, the organization can send the message that it is time for action to reduce gun violence.

CeaseFirePA partners with community groups, local officials, law enforcement, and individual citizens across Pennsylvania to build a coalition of real people who are taking a stand against gun violence.

CeaseFirePA used funds from TRCF to support three projects:

  1. Where Did the Gun Come From? (where illegal guns used in crimes originated);
  2. Courtwatch (encouraging public testimony at sentencing hearings); and
  3. Advocacy Education (training members of the public in effective advocacy strategies and grassroots action).

For more information on CeaseFirePA, please visit their website.